Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cleaning House

I like to start early - get it done with and veg a little before running to start the afternoon events.

I've tried doing 15min intervals - I learned this from - So I do a little, push myself if I need to make it a full 15-20 mins of hard work and then come back to the puter/tv - take a break.

Well I've been off schedule for awhile now and really need to kick butt! So I started today off with Ambers bathroom (our hall bath) - its cleaned - toilet, tub, sink and floors, mats are in the hallways piled with her towels to wash. Then I was in the mood to just hit the entire end of the hallway - dusted the pictures, cleaned her playroom, started her bedroom and then I have no idea what the heck happen.... The anger took over - why was I cleaning something I had already cleaned, why is there so much of a mess, can't they put stuff away (the simple idea of giving them a sweatshirt and asking them to hang it up, seems to escape them)... Tears began to fall when I realized this child has a bowl under her bed with something unrecognizable in it!! I finished cleaning the room of all toys and garbage, made piles of dirty laundry, brought the vacuum down to clean those rooms and just stopped.

Stopped right in my tracks and walked away.

I just couldn't take one more minute of it - took the mats out of our bathroom, with the towels and piled it even higher (lol they are about to fall over) and took a dang shower - yes I thought about this while still running through my emotions - how was I going to shower with no mats or towels - I had 2 left in the closet - put one on the floor to step on and wiggle across the bathroom floor and one to dry off with. Always gotta plan lol

I'm feeling better now and can't wait for everyone to come home so I can dole out some chores! Still irritates me that I'm raising an almost 12 yr old that can't do a two step command or a husband that seems to ignore the things on the floor.

When we walk by something - we pick it up
When we spill something we clean it up
When we eat something we put the dish in the sink atleast!

Nope - the gang here seems to thing differently - they shove things under the bed, ignore the whole sentence being said - I should be happy it made it to the bedroom!

I'm laughing now cause if I didn't I'd be in there tearing the room apart even more and making it glamorous for a rock star to live in - nope she's going to do it when she gets home no matter what. Before American Idol too!


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