Friday, February 6, 2009

Cleaning house part 2

and it continues --- I feel like I'm one of those moms who keeps saying things like 'shut the door you don't live in a barn', 'did I teach you nothing, pick up your socks'. I NEVER thought I'd be that mom, my mom, the one I still hear in my head constantly. lol

Amber did pick it all up, with a little guff attitude. But heck she did it. Now its just to keep up on it. This morning - I walked down the hall to grab an item out of her closet to see the size she's in (another post) and noticed all her clothes in the bathroom, toothpaste on the sink and I said to myself - nope she's going to clean it. IF IF I get so far as getting all my stuff done today I MIGHT pick up her clothes so I can wash them. But I hate scrubbing toothpaste off a sink. How do they get so much toothpaste on the sink to begin with? Does any of it make it to their mouth?

Now I sit here waiting - I have started laundry but nothing else since there's a big lump sitting on my couch - my husband. I can't vacuum, can't clean our bathroom (my next stop on the list) - nothing til he leaves.

Mike's job can be easy at times, but mostly he's gone for the day, he leaves for a few weeks at a time for work, he's unreachable by phone unless I send a text and wait for a response. This week though I'm pulling my hair out cause he's here! lol You'd think I'd be appreciative that I'm able to see, smell, touch (ok maybe not smell!) my husband... but he's in the way of progress! lol

Someone text him that a hospital machine is broke so he leaves!! I think he's waiting for a part to arrive right now. As soon as it gets here, he'll shower and be gone in 20 mins. So I wait. (Mike fixes xray, mammogram, ultrasound machines at hospitals all around the upper IL area. Sometimes he travels to Chicago twice in a day - 4hrs round trip. So when he's gone, he's gone for the day. He works when they hospitals call to have come in, normally at 8am.)

There goes the washer - off to do another load... where's that FedEx guy!!


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