Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My New Surprise...

Mike agreed we needed a new one after 10 years with our old one, it only took 2 hrs to run it through the entire set. So we took the plunge...

I was waiting patiently, eager to try it out once it arrived. Then I was panting by the door while they unboxed it and put it together before bringing it in.

Now I'm scared I bought the wrong thing! I'm scared to use the darn thing - it has so many buttons, tricks, things to fill... AHHHH!!!!!

I bought a new washing dryer from GE but it has too many tricks too it...

  1. Smart Dispense Pedestal - feeds itself the detergent and fabric softener (of course it takes HE detergent and I don't have that in the house so I ran out and bought some)
  2. CleanSpeak - the washer talks to the dryer through a USB cord and tells is what to set itself at so I just have to push start on the dryer when I load it.
  3. Stain Inspector - you scroll through a list of stains - food, ketchup and pick it. It now knows how to clean the item
  4. It takes 30 mins to do one load in the washer and dryer.

OK I don't know about you but damn I used to push hot/cold, large,med,small and extra rinse and start... now its 45 choices and it makes noises each time you choose it lol - feels like I'm playing on the Nintendo.

Now stop laughing - there is no laughing allowed or you'll pee your pants...

I have already made errors - I've overfilled the softener section (holds 90 ounces - I was putting in 134 ounces - see the problem already?). There I was bent over having to use a turkey baster to suck it out, hold the funnel in the container that I was squeezing between my legs trying not to spill it all over me or the floor. Yes it worked but it took half an hour lol

I've reread the dang manual 4 times making sure I'm not missing a step - I'm still scared to start an actual load. I knew the old washer took 10-15 towels depending on the size and I just stacked them in. Now I ain't got the slightest idea of even how full to make it or even how the washer works. They guy who delivered it, tested it and I saw the water flowing in but it looked like one of those old bottles our moms bought us to feed the dolls - you can see the fluid in the bottle but if you tip it up it disappears... well dang it the door fills up with water, there's a bubble on the inside of the door where the water goes (not the tub inside) and then vanishes.

The guys who set it up walked me through a couple of things - one was the water filter - no not a softener filter but a filter for lint. Yep now on the washer too! Apparently once a month I'm supposed to remember to put a bucket under the latch, open it up, unscrew the cork, pull it out, let the water drain and clean the cork. Hmmm sounds interesting. I don't remember hearing about this from my husband OR seeing this online anywhere.

So is it better that we have all this technology? Is it going to help us or make us waste our time more with choices, options, strategies, things to fill, connect, turn on... yes I'm stalling til my gf comes over and helps me with the first load. lol

I'll let you know how it goes later...


Brooke said...

I have this washer dryer're going to LOVE them. Clothes are spun so dry that the dryer hardly has to do any work...hence, saving you money on your energy and water bills...good luck, have fun!

Amy Serpe said...

Brooke - Does your washer keep the info and tell your dryer if you miss the cycle? I've left and come home and it no longer tells the dryer what to set it self for since its been so long.

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