Saturday, February 7, 2009

It's the weekend!

YEAH!! It seems like the week just passed us by at running speed. We were so occupied we didn't even notice....

With all the great shows on tv - it's rotting our brains and we're loving it!
Monday night are House, Heros and Medium
Tuesday night is American Idol and Fringe (sometimes I can't watch it)
Wednesday night is American Idol and Lie to me (love this new show!)
Thursday night Hells Kitchen and ER
Friday night is Ghost Whisperer and Battlestar Galactica (yeah my husbands a sci-fi geek)

I like to watch How I met your mother, I don't get it but the things that happen are funny.

YES I'm a tv junkie!! I admit it!! But its the best season I've seen so far...

Now to make it even worse - I bought the Gilmore Girls series (All 7 Seasons) for christmas and were are only on season 3. On Saturdays Amber and I hog the living room and watch the ENTIRE day!! We curl up together, make popcorn, make Mike stay in the other room (she yells at him to go back in if he appears) - its our mommy/daughter day. It's neat so to see Amber laughing at the same jokes I am, innocent jokes, that she's supposed to get and understand. :)

Now granted we do more together outside the house, we're not complete couch potatoes - but this is just some cool things we do at night to pass the time before bed... lol

Alright - I'm ready for my close up! - off to watch Gilmore Girls and stuff my face with icky stuff! Have fun this weekend!!


Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

I love TV but don't watch any of those shows. We are looking forward to Survivor and Amazing Race coming up!

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