Monday, February 2, 2009

Feeling like an ol' biddy

LOL - my daughter has been bugging me to have a blog. She'll be 12 in April. So here I sit redoing my site and my blog. Cause I'll be danged it she has one going full blast before I do! lol

I swear sometimes things go right over my head and I don't even realize it. From Ipods to Ipod casts, From texting to blogging and now the twitter is the thing... I feel like my mom must have when the first CD came out and the tapes were a thing of the past. Now its just harder to understand how to work the dang things - you can't just pop the item in and use it right away.

Amber couldn't believe that I didn't have a computer my whole life - that I was 16 before we had one in our house and it was NOTHING like it is now. Or that our TV sat on the floor, not the wall lol, and only had - what 6 channels?

After being made to feel like an ol' biddy I've sworn to myself and my daughter that I would 'get with the times' and learn it all. One major rule stands though!! I get it first!! lol I want the new toys, not only cause I want it but heck to learn how to use it first so when she asks a question about it I ACTUALLY have an answer lol.


Jenny said...

Cute blog, Amy! LOL about being an old bitty!

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