Thursday, August 21, 2008

School starts tomorrow...

We were out shopping today - the normal stops, Menards, Target, Walmart - even did some house viewing (love to drive by the new houses and see how they landscaped). Then it hit me - WE HAD ORIENTATION at 6pm!! - we quickly finished up at wally world and rushed home to grab supplies and go meet her teacher....

Now no laughing - but there was no orientation for her grade - it was the lower grades and the higher grades. We still showed up, got her supplies put away, met her teacher who just happened to be there and things went smoothly and great. Kinda felt like a dork and my husband of course rolled his eyes at me :) Hey I was trying to be a good mom!!

So now she's sound asleep, I'm heading off to bed and I can't wait to see how things go tomorrow. She's only got a 1/2 day (if that - they go at 8am and get out at 11:30)

To surprise her - I bought bedroom stuff to redo her room at Target today and I'll have it all set when she gets home tomorrow. We are going from the cheetah girl print from the site to the target retro print

Can't Wait!! Have a great weekend :)


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