Friday, August 8, 2008

Winds of Change...

This summer has been a whirl wind of events. Things happened faster than you could have ever expected them to. I'm just waiting for them to slow down and be able to take a deep breathe.

In Feb Mike's dad was diagnose for the second time with Lymphoma and we were told he would start the plan of chemo/radiation and things would be 'ok'. In the short time between then and now - his dad had chemo, radiation, in and out of the hospital for low blood count, for his blood sugar dropping to 65(diabetic), pains and darkening toes in his one leg (he had the other amputated the first time he had the cancer in 1998) - finally the doctors confessed how horrible the cancer was. It hit like a ton of bricks and I felt the wind pick up. He was admitted to the hospital on June 30th because of the pain and kidney failure - the tumor was so large (from his lungs to his groin) and it was pressing on everything. The chemo/radiation wasn't going to work and we knew.... We had to make the decision on July 9th that we were going to stop all treatment, this was the hardest day for my husband and his mother to go through, I could barely watch them struggle with the idea of 'giving up' and we met with the doctor across the hall from his dads room... I think god was helping us that day, making it so that no matter if they chose or not, he was choosing it for us. Within 30 mins of meeting with the doctor and making the decision, Faust passed away. He had had treatment that day, ate everything in site and had kissed Amber when she came in... he gave us no sign that today was what he was waiting for... to see us.

You never know what you have til it passes through your fingers and you can't grasp it any longer. A young man of 16 he came over from Italy, meeting his father for the first time when he landed on american soil, he worked and retired from Chrysler. He lived a simple and relaxing life. He was full of spunk and sass, he had a heart of gold when it came to his family and friends. Til this day I still think he's just going to walk through the door and eat me out of house and home lol.

He is dearly missed....

Thank you for reading this - I needed to cry, write and share my experience to get it out. I've been holding it in for Mike and Amber. They have had the hardest time coping with it both in their own ways. Now I can breathe.



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