Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mary Kay Facial gone bad...

We decided since we had nothing better to do today than stay home and clean, that my neighbor and I would go to her sisters for a Mary Kay party. Well all was going well - Amber was outside playing with the kids, we were joking, having fun, applying the cleanser and then it started... my face was hot to the touch, it burned and from what the others said I literally matched the color of my red hair. Out of no where the lady says to get milk and to apply it to my face... yes I raised an eyebrow to that concept but I did it! And it worked!! The milk took the sting right out of my face. So here I was with a bright red face (ok only half since we were only doing half to show the difference) thinking how am I going to explain this one to Mike.

I did continue with the rest of the facial (heck what else could go wrong) - carefully testing out each step on my chin before doing the entire side of my face. It was cool to see the difference with the makeup. I had a huge list of items I was going to get (hence the word HAD)...

...on the way home - 4 hrs after having the makeup on I started turning red and so was my neighbor!! We got home, washed up and vowed to never do that again. We both seemed to be allergic to the new system Mary Kay has for the 3-1 cleansing system, even though it was hypoallergenic.

A side note : I used to have the green bottles from Mary Kay, where it was the systems all by themselves, 4 steps total. I never had a problem. But I really think companies are adding things/chemicals to the products to make them last longer and cost less.

So My Personal Warning - make sure to test a part of your face before applying entirely!

Now I hope to become clean and clear by Sat. since I have a party to do for Uppercase Living.


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