Friday, August 8, 2008

Tis the season for traveling..

Mike is starting his fall training schedule. Which means from here on out he goes away for roughly 10 days at a time to do training on new machinery in all different states.

Right now he is in TX and he's been gone since the 2nd. Its hard at first, can't sleep in the huge bed alone... so Amber crawls in sometimes. :) Then its simpler meals and tons of ice cream outings lol

He called last night to tell me he's got a snow globe of TX for Amber since she collects them. But he has something for me too. No clues on it, no hints to say where he got it... ohh no just gonna make me wait and then on top of that hold the secret that Ambers got something. .... I'm not good at holding secrets lol

He'll keep going away for a week or so at a time for the next couple months. I think the next stop over is North Dakota. We do get him back for a week or so in between :)


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