Friday, August 8, 2008

School is around the corner...

It feels like it came so quick. School orientation is only 2 weeks away and they start back full time on the 25th of this month. Amber is going into 6th grade, I can't believe my baby is that old!! We are almost hitting Jr High. and it doesn't seem right lol Can't we keep them little forever?? .... Wait let me rephrase that, can't we keep them around 6 yrs old, in full day kindergarten, potty trained and respectful for ever? lol

She's excited to go back and see friends. She can't stop talking about it and what shes going to be doing. We had to go out last week and get all the school supplies... and of course locker supplies! Who thought of this idea - decorating the inside of lockers? When we were kids we took tape and posted our favorite music/movie stars. Now they have push pin bulletin boards and special magnetic holders and shelfs to add. (Gotta admit though some of the stuff was pretty cool lol)

With back to school not only comes the supplies but the shopping for clothes... OY! That's an adventure lol. We handled it well though. Ambers grown rapidly sine April. She had to get an entire new wardrobe since her jeans were becoming crops. Guess that's not the in look lol.

I decided to hit the outlet mall in Kenosha, Wi - they had just rebuilt it and had everything you can dream of! Ok so I had a little fun going to the Coach outlet and dreaming of a purse I saw. But we did Gap, Limited Too, Aeropostle and more. She actually cooperated and tried things on, with attitude of course. She picked her favorites and I picked mine (what was on sale!). We manage to walk out with 10 pairs of jeans in two sizes for 8.99 a piece from Limited Too, I think that was our best score. She fell in love with the gap coats for fall. Its harder to dress kids in the preteens - some things are too young, some are too old - of where does she learn towards? the far too old end. But once she tried it on and saw that it went to low or was too 'preppy' she tossed it to the side. My mother in law went with so it was nice to hear a second opinion (backing me up on all of mine). lol

All in all it was a good time and the laughter we had was needed. Hope you have the same fun time we did!


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