Sunday, August 30, 2009

School shopping...

Just got back from school shopping and I have to say I HATE IT!! Every store was a different size, some stores were helpful - some of the employees were idiots! Some items she wanted were out of stoke and the store couldn't order it - some didn't even bother to look!! UGHH!!!

We went to Buckle - OMG!! Who shops there with their kids?? Their jeans were fricken $75! a pair!! Their shirts alone with $60. There was nothing to the tees either - maybe a little bling but nothing else - they were almost see through.

Next was American Eagle Outfitter - none of the jeans fit her there - they were tooooo low rise and there was no way she was gonna get away with those with Mike.

the Gap is a joke now - they don't have cute jeans for the womens section (which Amber is now in) and they are all cut tight... Wish they had a teen store

My favorite store Aeropostale had jeans that fit to a tee - hoodies, shirts, tees etc. LOVE that store. Cheap too! I had the $10 off $50 coupon too.

I discovered Pac Sun today and I have to say its inexpensive and good quality! We got 2 prs of jeans - buy1 get 1 free deal. And a couple tees with tanks under them. The customer service was awesome there!!

We also discovered Vanity today - they were different, inexpensive and had a buy anything and get anything 50% off. They did the most expensive ones too! Great customer service too...

Victoria Secret was Ambers favorite place - the gal was sooo helpful. Ambers a fanatic when it comes to her underwear - she can't have lace, some cotton is too scratchy, can't have certain cuts... ughh its a nightmare but the girl let her try it on over her undies and Amber found a pair she liked and we got 5 for $25. Not horrible but not bad. We'll see how it goes once it comes home.

That was it!! I was done but Amber reminded me we needed shoes so we hit payless and got 2 prs of sneakers (same pr but one for home and one for gym) and 2 prs of fashion sneakers for fun. They had the buy 1 get 1 50% off sale.

Now I'm home and I have to redo Ambers closet for our lovely weather change already!!


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