Sunday, August 2, 2009

Movies and Mayhem

Is that how you spell it? Mayhem? Anyways!! We saw Harry Potter - hmm how do you say not worth it but needs to be seen for the next one that comes out - Ohh yeah RENTAL!!

You are plopped into the middle of a movie in the beginning, no lead in. Then there's no climax til the very very end and they leave you hanging... was in awe that they did that but I can see where they are going for the next one, which BETTER be good! It's 2.5 hrs too, long time to sit in a movie theater with a kid. She was antsy and then got scared near the end. Don't blame her, the whole movie theater jumped at the same time lol.

Our Mayhem... NOT!! We intended to do more but we were so tired from just sitting there we came home and camped out in the living room doing nothing. I promised myself I'd clean the house today and I did.

So I've done laundry, dishes, cleaned the kitchen, bedroom and living room. Now to watch 'Father of the Bride' with Amber on the xbox (gotta love Netflix!). Ambers got a little cold and sniffles so we'll call this an indoor day :)


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