Friday, July 31, 2009

The Treadmill again...

So I finally got my butt back into a routine and started doing the treadmill again. I started Monday and did it every other day at 15mins. Today I did 16mins. Hopefully by next week I'll be able to do 20 mins. I'm working it slow this time cause last time I tried this I hurt so bad that I couldn't even do housework lol

I've cut out sodas, drinking only water and milk. I cut out all sweets except on the weekends. I'm going to get some popsicle and graham crackers (cinnamon kind!) for snacks. I've done great all week but I've been so hungry it literally hurts!! I found that if I eat later at night around 7pm, I'm fuller and can sleep better. If I eat at 5:30 I'm hungry again before bed.

Mike's doing it with me - he's trying to loose enough weight to rejoin the military and do the Guard. Which is cool! I know he misses it tremendously.

He's doing the elliptical every night, he gets more of a workout on that contraption. I call it the evil monster cause I can't even do 5 mins on it with out dying. lol

Off to Wally World and the bookstore to get the new books that came in!


MaranathaMom said...

good job, mama! I was doing so well, then POOF! I cracked under the pressure of making mac n cheese for my DD. Two weeks later, and all my dieting efforts were pointless, I gained it all back! Ugh! Here's to starting over!

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