Saturday, July 11, 2009


It was recently in a Redbook magazine I get and its now wide spread through out the internet... So I had to check! It's neat - a little time to get used to it but its a way to keep tabs on your entire inventory of Gymboree clothing!!

You can make an outfit of what you have and save it - this way you don't duplicate something in your childs closet!

Here's a test one I did

Colorful Paradise
Colorful Paradise by gymbohaven on

Our site is listed on there - we are working on intergrating the system into our site!!

How does this all work?
1 - Easy!! Go to and Register on the top right.

2 - Sign in and hit the Create button

3 - You have two choices - you can search what's already there by All Items tab on the right and selecting hitting shirt,dresses, etc or you can add to your own collection

A. To add to your own collection you need to add a link to your tool bar - EASY! Click Here
Now grab the link that says Clip to Polyvore with your mouse (literally hit the mouse button on it and hold it down) now move your mouse to your toolbar up above (where you see the bookmarks and Tools area) and let go of the button. That wasn't hard, was it?

4 - Go to OR ANY SITE and find what you want to polyvore with - when your there hit the link now located on your toolbar and it changes the site :) You now just have to click on the item you wanted to add to your collection - don't forget to add a name so your remember later what it is.

5 - go back to and go to Create and find your items. The next step is fun and easy to do - move and drag your items to the empty section and CREATE!!

6 - to make an item go infront or behind another item - hit the FGND (Forground) or BGND (Background) buttons.

7 - you can also make an item bigger or smaller after dragging it over - just grab a corner of the square with your mouse and move it.

8 - to save your items you hit the Publish button on the left - this saves it to your Sets area.

9 - to show everyone what you've done - go to your Sets area and click on the set and hit the View details link that appears. You can add it to your blog, to your website, to your facebook and more!!



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