Saturday, July 4, 2009

Whoo Hoo...

Who doesn't like free furniture! Ok it wasn't exactly free but it was heck of a close one.

Remember I bought the bedroom set? Well it arrived from Furniture Row and the bed wasn't exactly the same as the picture. Ours was supposed to have 5 panels across the front and the one that arrived has two HUGE panels on it. It didn't give it that umph that the picture showed. So we debated about sending it back...

Long(er) story short we ended up keeping it and the store manager Mike Baum (AWESOME PERSON) gave us a store credit or the choice to put it towards what we owed on the set. We choose the store credit since we already had the money budgeted for the set.

This is what we chose

We bought the table and 6 chairs (4 plain color like the table and 2 arm ones in black) with the wood warranty and ended up paying $169 out the door. NICE!!

Now to work towards getting the china cabinet
- once it arrives I can sell the table and china cabinet we have - its 10 yrs old and the older style oak. Put that money aside and save like crazy to get this china cabinet. We don't use credit cards anymore so its cash all the way baby!!

So far its a great 4th of July - just waiting for the rain to stop and be done cooking :) Have a great one!!


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