Friday, July 10, 2009

Done painting...

Ok that's it - I'm done painting! lol Still have to put everything back in its place and do some caulking around the countertops but the kitchen, dinning room, hallway and bedroom are now painted. We were supposed to do the laundry room and Ambers bathroom but we are exhausted from it and waiting a couple months!!

My husband asks 'what's left?' - I looked at him and asked 'do you really want to know?' lol

My personal list:
Ceiling fan in the living room installed
Lights in the bathroom installed
Chair rail installed in dinning room (pick out stain)
Crown Molding installed through out entire house! lol (we'll do one room at a time)
Big Projects 1 - Redo kitchen by adding peninsula on - can't wait to unpack more of my kitchen items!!
Big Projects 2 - Redo bathroom - put in human size shower lol we have that single shower unit that mike hits his head on getting in, has to bend down in to rinse his hair and pulls the curtain out when he turns lol... I'm ok in it - sucks to shave in it though.
Big Project 3 - install french doors in kitchen and bedroom and extend deck... uhhh I think this is a 5 year plan... I keep planning it for 5 years and hopefully get something similar to it sooner or later.

My husbands list:
Hire someone!
Give wife neck massage til forgets what she wants done that day.


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