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Summer Toy Guide by Jenni Hunt

The Summer Toy Guide is here!

Jenni Hunt has done it again and put out a Summer Toy Guide to help you sell toys over the summer months and make a few extra dollars while the kids are out playing :)

What’s Included:

- 3 months of weekly hot lists including at least 25 toys that are currently selling well (with the links to auctions to prove it!)

- 3 months access to the Toy Reference Guide – an online directory to help identify and value used toys

- 3 months access to the MyToyGuide membership site with inventory resources and selling tips

- Downloadable Summer Toy Guide report filled with tips for buying inventory and selling used toys this summer.

Price: $27 (value $70)

Jenni has put out this Free Article for you - TOYS: New vs. Old

Selling New

Selling new toys can be a lot of fun… especially during the holidays. But, it can be a crazy game. Some of the most popular toys don’t even reach retail prices on eBay – while others can bring in three times what you bought the item for. Making it even more difficult is the fact that what sells great this week – may not be the best seller next week. The availability of the toy on store shelves is often the best indicator of whether a toy will skyrocket or be a dud – but, store inventory can change from day to day… making it very difficult to predict what is selling best and what to keep an eye out for.

Pros for selling new

  • Less risk – items can be returned to the store if they don’t sell
  • Finding inventory – you can shop online and call ahead of time to find stores that are carrying the item you are looking for. This can allow for you to purchase more of the same items… making better use of your time listing auctions – and saving time is saving money.

Cons for selling new

  • Hot selling items can have their ups and downs – going through both within the same week sometimes!
  • Lower profit margin – This isn’t always the case… but, in general the profit margin isn’t quite as good with new toys. Let’s look at it this way… when the die-cast Cars were super hot, you could pick them up for $3-4 each. Some of them were selling for $20-30 easy. If you take into account the other costs (listing fees, final value fees, paypal fees, etc.) – you probably end up paying $5-7 for each NEW car. So would have easily tripled your profits. However, if you find a USED Blue’s Clues Handy Dandy Notebook at a yard sale for $.25 and turn around and sell it for $20 on eBay… we can assume with listing fees your costs total $3. – That is a profit of over 600%!

Selling Old

In my opinion, selling used toys are quite a bit easier… and, honestly, I prefer them. The profit margins are often higher and the market can be just as good. Although finding used toys that are selling well can be difficult, if you have a general idea of what to look for, however, you can usually do well. In addition, because used toys don’t usually increase in availability, they tend to remain hot sellers for longer periods of time.

Pros for selling used

  • Higher profit margins – As I mentioned earlier… the profit margins can be much higher because you are paying, literally, pennies on the dollar for items.
  • Used toys tend to hold their value longer.
  • You can find inventory based on a theme – rather than finding a specific item.
  • Room to experiment – Since used inventory is so cheap, you can take a risk every once and a while and buy something on a hunch. A $1 investment could turn into a $30+ profit!

Cons for selling used

  • Can be difficult to find inventory because it all depends on what people are selling and wanting to get rid of; however, if you have a general idea of what sells (ie., Blues Clues is hot – so look for anything Blues Clues), and know where to look, it isn’t so tough.
  • Higher risk – it depends on where you buy your inventory… but, usually used items aren’t easy to return. Thrift shops will often have an exchange policy – but, you take a risk when you buy from a yard sale.

Now there are benefits to selling both used and new toys – regardless, the absolute best resource for knowing what is selling on eBay… is eBay itself! Spending time browsing through toy auctions for a length of time will give you a sense of what is selling… this Summer Toy Guide is designed to bring you some of this research.

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